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Some of the rave reviews of Oh My! Photography from our customers! Needless to say, the feeling is mutual…

Ale y Patricio (Aguascalientes 2014)

Our honeymoon was captured by Oh my! photography and was a very cool and spontaneous experience, Diana captured our feelings and we felt super comfortable with each shot , we loved her creativity. The final result was Amazing!!!

Urss Perez (Cancun 2013)

My experience was very good, very professional and nice, the photos captured very natural and that’s what I liked most, very professional and nice thank you!

Yvonne & Family (Aguascalientes 2014)

Choosing Diana as our photographer was awsome, she created a natural and very comfortable enviroment, we were in tune with her and her camera. Her job is very professional and you can see that in all she does as a pothographer. Definitely it was a fantastic experience and we would love to do it again!!!

Delhy & Arturo (Aguascalientes 2014)

We loved this cool experience, it was what we were looking for; We loved Di style, capturing the essence of me and my son, failing to capture naturally and with lots of fun Wowwwww! Thanks a bunch!

Audrey & Jorge (Playa del Carmen 2014)

I love the creativity and willingness of Diana. A born photographer who shows that when you do something with ypur hearth, the result is great. We highly recommend her and I will hire her again as much as necessary. Thank you Diana!