Why You Should Get Married in a Beautiful Hacienda in Mexico

Wedding in Mexico

Mexico boasts of various haciendas, which are Spanish farms built in colonial styles and feature large beautiful gardens. They have been luxuriously refurbished and furnished to feature modern state-of-the-art amenities for ultra comfort and stylish living.

The high and thick walls, beautiful gardens lined with mature tree vaults, large and well-pimped patios, fountains, chapels, incense, and a rich history make the haciendas perfect destination wedding venues. If you consider yourself elegant and traditional yet romantic, the haciendas would make for a perfect wedding venue for your upcoming event.

Mexico weddings usually take place in these haciendas spread all over the country. You can find an hacienda for your beautiful wedding venue in Michoacán, Morelos, Jalisco, Yucatan and even Oaxaca. Forests, beautiful sandy beaches, close-proximity to archaeological sites and the foot of various mountains also feature haciendas.

This means that you also get beautiful scenic views in the background to act as your wedding photography backdrop with a Mexican touch. If you have several guests attending your wedding reception, you can organize to use the hacienda patios, gardens, or even its main building.

Your wedding banquet can comprise of traditional Mexican foods, refreshments and cuisines as well as international cuisines. When decorating your Mexican wedding venue, the sky is the limit when it comes to creativity. Foliage, flower and fruit combination ideas are quite endless. You can opt for the traditional Mexican crafts that make use of confetti strips and attractive paper flowers.

hacienda mexico wedding

Placing pieces of glass, clay or even silver in the middle of every table at the reception is a perfect way for you to add a Mexican touch to your wedding. As your guests wait under the shades of flamboyant, bougainvillea or jacaranda trees to enter the destination wedding reception venue, they can be served refreshments such as fresh fruit juices.

No Mexican hacienda wedding is complete without a steaming firework session to wow your guests and keep the event memorable. The choice of music would totally depend on your taste; you can select from a lively batucada, play violins in the background, marimbas, or even the grand entry of the mariachis to make for a truly authentic Mexican wedding.

Your groom can opt to wear the Mexican charro that is available in various modern yet elegant styles, and you, the bride, can attach a beautiful yarn or shawl to your hair atop your white wedding gown for a more sophisticated look. Once your wedding comes to an end, you can relax in the hacienda’s temascales or spas to relax your bodies and mind after a long tiresome day.

Your wedding is not complete without a professional wedding photographer to help capture every moment of your great day. Most of the haciendas have their own professional photographers who can cater for all your photography wedding needs, be it quality photos or videos.  You will keep them as memorabilia or show your friends who could not make it to the wedding.

The Mexican haciendas are the perfect destination wedding venues for a truly unique, romantic and memorable wedding of a lifetime!

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The Beauty of a Wedding in Mexico

Playa del carmen weddings

The exceptionally never-ending ebb and enormous flow of the water, the beautiful sun rays dancing on the sea, the numerous seashells tucked into the sand, and the distant horizon that seems to go on forever, it’s an absolutely intoxicating and a very romantic idea to celebrate a wedding in Mexico.

The good about a wedding in Mexico:

Mexico gives the perfect chance to come and exchange vows in some of the most stunning places on earth! The incredible beauty and the mesmerizing aura also let the wedding photographer capture some of the best shots at your wedding. This country has some of the most beautiful wedding destinations, hotels and resorts for anyone who wants to celebrate the beauty of marriage here. While there are many couples that decide to come to mexican paradise resorts that are known for offering weddings & ceremonies while combining their romantic honeymoon vacations, there are many who just romance a wedding photography shoot in Playa del Carmen. Very often, these resorts have a beautiful area set aside on the beach to create an intimate space for your special moments.
Just imagine your marriage being celebrated by a real shaman surrounded by a natural landscape as it can be a sacred connote, the sunlight, which silently filters, creates very impressive effects on the marvelous stalactites. It radically puts a seal on your pact of love. Talking about the various escapes, from the golden shores to the mountains, jungles and beautiful waterfalls, to old colonial cities with their antique charm, Mexico is bound to offer an unparalleled experience to all the loving souls who want to tie the knot.

Cancun weddings

The moment you decide to organize a marriage away from home, especially in another country, you must think about all the inconveniences that could happen the day of your wedding. That’s why people believe that an all-inclusive, or a boutique is the best choice. It is essential to find some kind of hotels that are known to offer wedding facilities and have qualified people in charge to resolve and fix quickly any kind of problem such as the weather. Your romantic Mexican wedding destinations could be in Cancun and the Riviera Maya, Playa del Carmen or somewhere that you are comfortable with. It is always reliable to do a thorough research, to make your wedding in Mexico a moment of impact, which you will always cherish.