Good Reasons to Make a Trash The Dress Photography Session

Trash The Dress Playa del Carmen

In the event that you would want to make your wedding photos more dramatic from an artistic point of view, why not consider doing a ‘Trash The Dress’ photo session! This is a type of wedding photography that has been around for quite some time now and it involves the bride taking photos with their gown without the usual reservations taken into account on their wedding day. Trash the dress sessions usually take place the day after the wedding or when the couple is back from their honeymoon. It is a trend that is increasingly becoming popular where you also see women doing a trash the dress session after a divorce for the purposes of signifying a new beginning.

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In case you are contemplating as to whether you should do a trash the dress session. Consider the following reasons.

It’s simply fun!

Imagine yourself using your imagination and taking photos with your wedding dress without any reservations. This is absolutely fun since you will be able to find photogenic and creative ways to have awesome photos whether you are on the beach walking, running or simply rolling in the mud! Imagine the breathtaking beautiful photos you can take when swimming with your wedding dress on.

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It’s a form of art

All trash the dress sessions go on to make amazing wall art especially when you employ a professional wedding photographer who knows all techniques that photography involve. The artsy vibe and high fashion associated with this session will leave you awed and glad that you undertook the trash the dress session especially when you hang the pictures on the wall for your guests to marvel at.

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Symbolizes freedom

Most brides are usually anxious when it comes to choosing their wedding dress and having it fit perfectly. Undertaking the session symbolizes freedom in that the anxiety associated with the dress and the whole event is over and now you are free!

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More photographs

This is also a way of having more wedding photos in your gallery and this is when they are taken in unusual places such as the park, forest or beach. Ten or twenty years down the line, you get to marvel at the photos and thank yourself that you put your dress into good use rather than letting it sit in a dusty dark closet!

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No one asks whether you are crazy!

If anyone sees you running around barefoot with the dress looking all wet and dirty, they will definitely not stop and ask you whether you are crazy or not! Reason being that this is actually the most opportune time to take absolutely ridiculously fun photos while also having fun in the process.

Another awesome reason as to why you should have a trash the dress session is because you will not need to worry about the ceremony, time or your parents. This is a session where you will be alone with your photographer and have a blast while taking photos so consider having the session and you will be glad that you did!

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