Why Does a Foundation Crack?

Foundation cracks occur as a result of a variety of factors ranging from poor drainage, settling, and unstable soil levels. It’s a common problem that many homeowners face as their home ages. Cracks in the foundation oftentimes indicate that structural issues are significant enough to call in a professional for help. More than 60% of all Tulsa homes will face foundation cracks due to clay content in the soil. Make sure you know when to pick up the phone and make that call.

Is Foundation Cracks Serious?

Any time there is a hole or crack in the home’s structure, there should be some level of concern. Some problems need immediate attention to prevent great damage, in fact. There may be cracks in the foundation that aren’t so serious but you should always keep a close eye on things. Factors like the size of the crack, the number of cracks, and the location of the cracks all affect the severity of the problem. The older that a home gets, the more likely foundation cracks are to appear.

Trouble With Cracked Foundation

When foundation cracking occurs, homeowners must worry about a variety of issues to the structure of the home, the roof, issues with the framing, and problems with the windows and the doors. Cracks can lead to leaks in the basement walls and windows, mold damage, and many other problems. It’s best to pick up the phone and call professionals to repair foundation cracks tulsa ok at once.

Most Common Causes of Cracked Foundation

Tree roots, settlement, drainage issues, soil expansion, and plumbing leaks are the most common causes of cracks in the foundation. It’s important to repair damage to the various structures around the home to prevent mishaps such as those with the foundation, later down the road.